William Andrew

My dad told me this story of how Puaikura got its name.  This story tells us about a Cook Islands god from the past.


This story is about how Puaikura got its name Arorangi and how the great chief of Puikura accepted Christianity.

The Tinomana and his people lived up in the mountain called Maungaroa, which is now called Highland Paradise.

In the past the Tinomana and his people used to pray to wooden gods. In those times there were tribal wars between tribes from the North and the South to get lands. Because they lived up in the mountain, it was hard for the warriors from the other tribes to defeat them.

When the missionaries came, the warriors of Puaikura guided the missionaries to their Tinomana to convince him that there is a true God.

After trying to convince Tinomana that there is a true God, it took awhile for him to accept Christianity. Then, he looked up into the sky and that’s where Puaikura got its name Aro-Ki-Te-Rangi.


My shape represents my trophy when I won the intermediate sport boy champion for two years. The patterns represent my speed, my life in Avarua, my culture, my island, my family, my love of sports, my village, my three sisters, and my friends.