Ngametua Tuakana

This story is about my dad’s life in Rarotonga.  This story tells us about the difficulties of moving from Mauke to Rarotonga for school.


My dad came from Mauke to Rarotonga for a scholarship at Tereora College. He studied Maori, English and Maths.

He studied at Tereora College till 1979, then he went to work. He applied for five jobs at EPBC, National Bank, Westpac, Ministry of works, and BSP (which use to be the Westpac Bank) where he got a job working behind the counter. He is now a Bank Officer and has been working for the bank for 38 years.

He saved his money to build his house and built it all by himself. He built his house in Tupapa on his land which took him eight months to build. Later on he met my mum and had kids.


The reason why I chose a trophy was because in Grade 3, I won a trophy for being the top in my class. I was very happy to get my award. The patterns in my shape represent: uncle, aunties and their children, siblings, sports, me growing up as a baby to now, dad, mum, my church, my class that I started from grade 1 to year 7, preschool, my school, and my island.