Mareta Marsters

My great grandmother told this story about growing up on Palmerston. This story tells us to appreciate what we have now compared to the past.

My great grandmother told the story about how Palmerston Island was when she was young.

Between 1935 and 1960, Palmerston Island’s people were very poor. There were not very many clothes, or food like flour and rice.

They wore canvas because they never had clothes.  They had plenty of fish, which was their main diet.  Every morning the men would go on their canoes to the Motus to find dried coconut, then they would take it home to their family. There were no coconuts on the trees in those days like what there is now.


My shape represents the sun. I chose the sun because I am thankful for the light it gives me.

The design around the sun represents my father and mother and each design inside represent my 10 siblings.