Tyler Tereapii

My father told a story about the back-to-back K tattoo.  This story tells us the strength of the warriors from Mangaia.


My father told me one of his best stories that was told to him when he was a kid.

A long time ago there lived two brothers, Tevanuku and Raumea. These two brothers were well known warriors in Mangaia.

Whenever there was a battle, they would always tie themselves together back to back so no one would come from the back or around. When they tied themselves up, they would form a shape of the tattoo KK.

They always won their battles. Whenever people saw the two brothers, they would be scared of them.

When you see this tattoo, KK, it represents Tavanuku and Raumea, the two strong warriors of Mangaia.


My shape represents how I love the sun and how the sun is my guidance. The patterns in my shape represent: the fire, always connected, never leave, family, how the sun moves forward, and when I play rugby.