Trinity Tangatapoto

Te Pare

Te Pare is a place where the old people, children and women go to, during the times of war.

Te Pare is on the south side of the island and is shaped like a hat with a cave below.

During the last war between Mitiaro and Atiu, Mitiaro got burnt by Atiu warriors after they beat the Mitiaro (people warriors). The people staying inside Te Pare were burnt.

The war started when the warriors from Takaue killed some Aituan warriors when they came to cause trouble. Maaro, the Takaue warrior, was warned about the Atiu warriors by the Taura Atua.

Maaro prepared a feast for the Atiu warriors and fed them with the Vai Aro.

He told his warriors to stand behind the Atiu warriors and kill them while they ate.

Maui, an Aitu warrior, escaped and ran to a place called Tapua and jumped into the sea. He escaped to Atiu and told Atiu about their dead warriors. The Atiu warriors came to Mitiaro and made war with the Takaue warriors.

Maaro was injured and was killed by his two sons and buried at Takero and the sons hid in Vai Tamaroa, a water cave on the Eastern side of the island.

Maaro’s daughter, Teaueroa, was taken by the Atiu chief Rongomatane and he made her one of his wives.  She returned to Mitiaro when Christianity came to Mitiaro.