Temaru Tutai

My dad told me this story of the spirits from Rarotonga.  This story tells us to respect the ones that have passed.


My mum was born in Wellington, New Zealand and moved here when she was five years old in 1983.

She attended Avatea Primary School from 1983 to 1987 and walked, because they had no transport. Then, she attended Nukutere College, and she had to catch the bus, because it was too far to walk. From 1988 to 1992, she attended Tereora College to finish Form Seven in 1993.


My mum told me a story of spirits in Rarotonga. In Rarotonga, there is a story about spirits that come out of the water on a full moon night. They travel up into the mountains and after a period of time, they travel back down the mountain and back into the water. And then, they wait for the next full moon to appear.


My shapes represent where I’m from, which is Rarotonga and Mauke, and I chose this shape, because I like the shape.  The two flowers represent my mum and dad.  The waves represent the Avatiu Harbour, where I swim. The three diamonds represent my three brothers. The chain represents my bond with my friends and the arrows represent my older sister.