Amqle Tuaratini

My mom told me the story about her great grandmother’s and her mother’s life when they were young.  This story tells us about the struggles that can come into our lives.

When my great-grandmother was probably around her late 30’s she had a rough life. She had 13 kids and she was poor. Feeding 13 kids was hard and it was hard just to get $1 because my great grandfather got paid 5 cents an hour. When her middle children were 1 years old, she gave them away to other families to get raised. During that time, it wasn’t unusual to give your child away because most people did that due to money problems.

Most of them went to St. Joseph or Apii Nikao, and I don’t understand why they went to a school that was far from their home, but nevertheless they enjoyed their life when they were young and poor.

As my great-grandmother’s kids got older, most of them had gone to travel the world. Most of them went to New Zealand and Australia, but when her middle children came back to see her, they felt betrayed and they felt as if my great-grandma did not love them enough. When they were older they soon forgave her and they went to travel and to live with their siblings in New Zealand and Australia.


My shapes represent where I am from which is New Zealand. I also chose this shape because I found it very pretty. The patterns around my shape represents my cousins always telling me to move forward. The lines represent my aunties and my uncles. The triangles represent my great grandmother Eta who passed away a few years ago. The five diamonds with the patterns around it represents my mum’s siblings starting from top to bottom then goes from youngest to oldest. The last one with the three flowers represents my best friend Maiata who I think of as my sister and my two younger siblings.