Sidney Fimone

Dakuwaqa the Mighty Shark God

This story is told by my brother, Tanzz Nabou. It is about being respectful to all.

Dakuwaqa, the arrogant and aggressive shark god was the most agitated and feared of all sea creatures that guarded the island’s reef entrances. He was stubborn daring and jealous of other reef guardians. He was always wanting to challenge and fight those he had not yet accounted. After causing chaos and dominating the reef guardians of the Lomaiviti Group, he went to challenge the Eel of Rewa for his next match. After defeating the Eel of Rewa, he was told that there was a giant octopus guarding the island of Kadaru. So he made his way down to the island of Kadaru where he saw the giant octopus lying on a huge rock. So, Dakuwaqa challenged him to a fight, and as they fought, their wild thrashing attack caused the unrest below and above. Then, the octopus wrapped four of its tentacles around the shark and the other four to a big rock.