Moari Arioka

My mum told me this story about when I was born during a hurricane.  This story tells us to be thankful for our lives.


During a hurricane, my mum was pregnant. In the dairy store where they lived in town, her contractions were getting worse. She had done her best to pack, but she didn’t have time to pack for the baby.

So, her mother and father-in-law took her to the hospital. Her husband had to take care of their second born son, who was named Tokoa Arioka, and also to look after the dairy store. When she had been taken to the hospital, her doctor took her in the labour room.

She finally gave birth to a baby girl, who weighed six pounds and fifteen ounces. She was healthy and her name was Moari Elizabeth Arioka Williams Jamie.

The turtle represents my whole family. The cross represents my old brother that passed away.