Lina Tua

Te Pare

A group of warriors went to Mitiaro looking to make trouble. They stated from Atai to Mangarei and then they went to Takaue.  Maaro heard about this and he told his warriors to prepare food for the Atiu warriors and to stand behind the Atiu warriors while they eat. When the Atiu warriors were killed by the Mitiaro warriors one of the Atiu warriors escaped and ran across the island and jumped into the sea at a place called Tapuae and escaped to Atiu. He told what had happened and the three tribes of Atiu came to Mitiaro to kill the Mitiaro people.

The young people prepared for war against the Atiu warriors. The old people and children went to hide at Te Pare. Maaro and his warriors were defeated by the Atiu warriors. Maaro was injured and he told his son’s to kill him and then they went and hid at Vai Tamaroa.