Ketia Teio

My mum told me this story about her life in the past with her parents and siblings.  This story told me the importance of coming back to the Cook Islands to help people here.


My mum grew up in Pue Avarua on the island of Rarotonga. She stayed with her dad Nikau Tangaroa and her mum Ina Tangaroa. She said that they were very busy and hardworking people.

My mum use to go to Avatea school, then she went to Tereora College and after that my mum went overseas to university.

After her graduation at university she came back to the island of Rarotonga and went to work for the government.  Not only did she work for the government, she also worked in the hospitality industry at the Rarotongan.

The reason she remained here is because she loves the Cook Islands. Her dad always taught her siblings and herself to always look after the people of Atiu, and that whatever they do, they also have to help others, but not just Atiu, but also Aitutaki and the people of Rarotonga.


This shape represents the great beautiful sea. I chose the shape of a stingray, because it is one of the fascinating sea creatures that is very special to me. On the right side of the stingray are patterns that represent my mum and dad, the one on the left side are the patterns that represent my brothers. On top of the stingray are patterns that represent me. The big beautiful flower represents my papa and mama and the stars represent my uncles, aunties, and cousins.