Tara Williams

My father told me a legend that belongs to my family, but mostly my mum. This legend tells us that love is a strong bond.

My father told me about this legend by taking me to Atiu and showing me where Ngarue was looking for Inutoto .

In the beginning when Ngarue went fishing for the first time he could not catch any fish. While he was out fishing his wife Inutoto stayed home and began to get bored. When she was about to go Ngarue came back from fishing so she ran back to her room. The next night as soon as Ngarue left the house to go fishing Inutoto ran to the marae where they have their parties.  When Ngarue came back from fishing he knew that something was wrong, so he went to the marae and he saw her dancing.  He gave her a punch and a smack on the face.  Then, Inutoto ran away from the marae and found herself the cave that is still named THE ANA TAKITAKI.


The reason why I have chosen these two circles is because it represents one half of my heart and the other half of my heart and how they are united. My right circle you can see a flower and that represents my youth and around my flower shows my personal art.

The winds that looks like six represents the year I was born. The balls represent how much I love sport. The singing cords represents how much I love singing. The costume represents how much I like dancing, and the crosses represent how much I believe in God. The middle of my circle, represents a bunch of people together and that represents my family and friends never being apart, now we move on to our next circle.

The stars on top of my left circle represents where I’m from – the 15 islands and the waves represent how much I like to swim.  The hearts at the bottom of the circle represent how much I love my visual art.