Shalom Vunibaka

My grandmother told me this story about her life growing up on Rarotonga.  The message of this story is to look after your family the best way that you can.

In Rarotonga, when my grandmother was growing up, her parents told my grandmother who her ancestors were.

As she grew older, she met her husband at Maruaiai dance hall.  A couple of years later at Rarotonga hospital, she had her eight kids there. Their names are Bobby, Mona, Lacyn, Mato, Bundy, Makiroa and Ripaea.

When the kids were young my grandmother gave some of her kids away, because other families wanted them.

When they grew older they found out who their real parents were.

My grandmother’s grandfather had built the Avarua Bakery for the family, but the sad thing was he passed away. He gave the bakery to my aunty Bobby, so now she is the boss.


The reason why I chose this shape is because it represents my whole name. With the black and white it stands for the dark and white people. The hearts represent how much we love each other. We also love flowers. Each section of the flower represents the family. It represents Jesus and all the people that passed away. The fifteen stars represent my island. The triangles represent all the grandchildren and the diamonds stands for the Great Grandchildren. All the circles stand for my whole family.