Ngaoa Emmanuela

My mum told me this story about a day in her past.  This story tells us how every day was a great day living in the Cook Islands.

Having Fun

When my mum was 19 years old, her sisters and brothers always went to the beach and sang or went swimming. But, every time when they walked to their papa’s shop, their papa wouldn’t let them get anything for free, even if it was a lollypop. It was like their papa was mean to them. So, they had a plan, it was to steal a corn beef and a tin fish and some bread. After they went home, they had their bath, then went to sleep. When they woke up, they went to outside and started to eat their food that they got, because they did not have dinner. The next morning, when they went to school, they had a growling from the leaders of their school. So, all they did was at break time, they ran back home, so they don’t get a hiding. That was a best day.