Melani Thomson

This story was told by my mother. The story is about my mother’s experience in the Northern group.  I learned to appreciate the different lifestyles that people live in the Cook Islands.

Mum’s Northern Group Review

My mother and five other people had a free trip to the Northern group. One of the people from the five had to help out auditing with my mother.  First, they both had to make their way to Aitutaki at 4:00AM from Rarotonga. Then, they went to Pukapuka. When they arrived at Pukapuka, they were needed to audit the school. They only had four days at Pukapuka. There was about 130-150 students in Pukapuka. My mother and the students were plaiting kikau leaves. Afterwards they travelled on the plane to Manihiki. At Manihiki, they didn’t have to audit, because they already audited Manihiki last year. The transportation on Manihiki is by boat. So, my mum and her friend were helping some of the people on Manihiki. They both also had to travel to Penrhyn from Manihiki. There were about 50-60 students in Penrhyn. The next day they both had to go in school and audit. When they were done, they got onto the plane. Then, they made their way to Aitutaki, and after, they arrived back home safe in Rarotonga.