Maya Mokoroa

My mum told me a story about how she first gave birth to me.  This story tells me about how I came into the world.

When My Mum Gave Birth to Me

This story took place in Rarotonga hospital. It was only my brothers and my auntie that were with us up at the hospital, when my mum gave birth to me, since the rest of the family was in Atiu. On Wednesday 25th May 2005, all my family was excited that I was coming. It was 11:35 pm. My mum’s water broke and that was when she started feeling the pain. My auntie was with my mum, while my brothers were outside waiting. When it was 12:20 am, the pain started getting worse. My mum just held in the pain, and it was going on till 12:40 am. Just when 30 minutes finished, my mum gave birth to me straight away, and it was 1:10 am in the morning. My date of birth was the 26th of May 2005. My mum’s sister was so excited, and she rang my family (grandparents) in Atiu. She told them that my mother had given birth to me.  My grandparents were so excited about it. So, the next day my mum and I left the hospital and went home. A few months later, only my mum and I went to Atiu for a holiday, and we had so much fun. We have come to the end of my story.  My name is Maya Annakiva Timmy Mokoroa.