James Tarau

My mum told me this story about her life when she was growing up on Nassau, Rarotonga, and New Zealand.  The message of this story is you can achieve anything if you try and really want it.


This story is about my mum’s life when she was young.

My mum was born in Nassau. When they came to Rarotonga, their life was not good. They had nothing to eat.  Her father got a job so he could feed them.

My mum went to New Zealand for school. She came back to Rarotonga because her father was sick. She went to Tereora College.

In those days they didn’t have much stuff to take to school. When she left school, she found a job to support the family.

Now their life is very good because they have money to buy a bike to drive, and they don’t have to walk anymore. They can afford to buy nicer clothes, buy food and have shelter.


My shape is a diamond. I chose it because in grades 1-6, I always used this shape on everything I do. I am very happy because I know how to do a much better diamond. The patterns in my shape represent: uncles, aunties, children, family in Mangaia, sports, and me growing up as a baby to now, dad, mum, siblings. I love these patterns.