Engaterah Samuel

Ati and the Albino (Momoke)

My mother told me this story to resemble a strong bond of love between two worlds.

Once upon a time there lived a planter named Ati. He planted all sorts of crops. Every time his crops were ready to harvest, people would steal them. One day he got so angry and wanted to know who was stealing his crops. He waited and waited until all of a sudden, something weird happened. Unknown people were coming up from the pond and stealing his crops. He set a trap trying to capture one. With success, he caught a beautiful albino woman and lived with her. He fell in love with the woman, and one day, she got pregnant and had a baby boy. Sadly, she had to return to her underground world below and leave her love behind. Days past. Months past. Years past. Ati had to move on with his life and to raise his child without a mother.