Christian Tereora

The Story of My Dad

This story is told by my father, Tereora Tereora, from Mitiaro. The story is about showing love and embracing your passion for your island.

This is the story of my dad’s other side of his life. On my dad’s mother’s side, she was a Mitiaro woman from the Tetava Ariki clan. In 1988 my dad travelled to Mitiaro. For the first time, we had witnessed the “Maroro Tu”. The “Maroro Tu” only happened every six months from July to December every year. This only occurred in the Arapo Vari and happened three days each month. All the ravakai (fishermen), when they went out to catch the maroro with the net tied up to the stick called uata, would fill up their paiere or canoe and bring it ashore for the mamas and the children and the old people, who cannot provide for themselves. It was a custom of theirs and when the ravakai went for the second time that was for their household. As for him, as a reverend he had witnessed this for four years.

My father had served in Mitiaro from 1999 to 2003. It was a traditional way of theirs. The Orometua would stay in the house.  He was not allowed to go out. At the end of the day, every household would bring some maroro for the Orometua.  My father and I am very proud to be from Mitiaro and we hope to retire there.